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• Ontario resort vacations on beautiful Stoney Lake
• Waterfront Kawartha cottage rentals
• Onsite celebrated fine dining restaurants
• Full service spa facility
• Conference, business meeting and group event venues
• Weddings and receptions are our specialty
• Romantic couples getaways and unique vacation packages

Located only 40 minutes north of Peterborough, Viamede is nestled in the woods on the north shore of Stoney Lake, one of Ontario's most beautiful lakes. Our resort facilities are well suited to both relaxation and adventure. Explore the 165 acres of nature that Viamede offers by hiking our 6 km of private forest trails or canoeing the islands of beautiful Stoney Lake. Relax with spa treatments at the full service spa, enjoy an evening barbecuing on your private patio, or join us at The Boathouse for live music, great food, cold craft beers and summertime fun.

During the summer, our resort marina is a popular destination for boaters on the Ontario Trent Severn Waterway, which links Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario. Boaters stop for the comfort of the resort, amazing waterfront views, and fine dining carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients by our amazing chefs.

Whether you're in search of a couples romantic getaway or an Ontario weekend escape with lots of adventure, Viamede has a vacation package to suit your needs. Consider our Kawartha Lakes resort for your next group event, business meeting or conference. We pride ourselves in detail, traditional service and quality ensuring your satisfaction.
We hope to see you soon at Viamede Resort - the Grand Lady of the Kawarthas.

Even the locals enjoy spending time at Viamede. We regularly feature special events open to guests and the public, such as a Mother's Day Brunch, Father's Day In-water Boat Show, Labour Day Regatta, Thanksgiving Dinner, and New Year's Celebration. There are many reasons to celebrate, but you can leave the planning, organizing and cooking up to us. The important thing it to savour special moments with your closest friends and family, and Viamede makes that possible.

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Family Tradition
Many guests, like the Jamieson Family, have been coming to Viamede for generations. Mike Jamieson's grandfather, Henry Jamieson, started the tradition in his family, travelling from Massachusetts with friends for a week of fishing. On his second trip, the story goes, he met a lady travelling with her parents from Toronto, and a few short years later, both a family tradition and Mike's father were born.

No one knows the year they first came, but since then, it has been an annual tradition. Mike's son Chad and daughter Cortney have spent two weeks every summer of their lives at Viamede, and 15 years later still look forward to it. "It's like a cottage, except we never have to do the dishes!"

Chad doesn't remember catching his first fish, but he sure remembers his first musky:

"I was 7, and the weather was rainy. Dad had booked a fishing boat when we came, and we knew that if we cancelled, we wouldn't get another chance. So we took the boat out and instead of bass, Dad thought it would be hilarious for me to fight a really big fish. So we threw all the right lures in all the right bays, but a few hours later, we were soaked, grumpy and without dinner."

"The way Dad tells it, it was the last cast of the day, but it's always the last cast with him. Anyway, I don't remember anything more or less except that one moment I was bored and wet, and the next, it felt like my arms were being torn out. I fought until I couldn't anymore, a few times I thought I was going overboard, and out of the corner of my eye I see Dad, laughing his head off every time the fish took off."

"I have no idea how long it took, but eventually, I saw this monster rising out of the deep. I remember him being as long as the boat, and as big around as me, but the one picture we have shows that he was 'only' about 4 feet long. I wanted to keep him, but Dad reminded me that someone else would want to catch him too. I hope he's still out there!"
Viamede's family traditions also carry over to staff. Bill & Bea Ianson took over ownership of Viamede after Bill’s mother Eva Ianson passed away. Eva had bought the property in 1920 and it remained in her family until it was sold in the 80’s. Before selling the property, the family partitioned off a portion of Viamede's land for a family home. Eva’s great-granddaughter later spent a few summers working at Viamede under the new ownership.

A New Chapter...
Even with another change in ownership at the end of 2010, family traditions continue to pop up in surprising places. Shortly after taking over the resort, current owner Ben Sämann was approached by a lady in her 80’s. Rather dramatically, she opened the conversation with "I knew your grandfather."

Julius Sämann, having fled Germany during the second world war, had lived in the area in the 40's. Over the years, he built a small company that manufactured pine oil which eventually became Dominion Essential Oils. Julius had several employees and partners, and a few of their children and grandchildren still live in the area.

Under his new vision for Viamede Resort, Ben has combined the legacy of his grandparents. His mother's parents, Albert and Ilse Wyss, operated restaurants in Switzerland for many years. Ben grew up with his mother's stories about regular patrons and their outlandish demands, long hours, and her being put to work from a young age, making desserts when the patio was full.

Inspired by his mother's stories, Ben decided he wanted a place of his own. After studying hotel management in Zurich, Switzerland, he returned to Canada to develop his skills and after several years, decided he was ready to make it on his own. The search began for the perfect resort and after careful deliberation; Ben approached the owners of Viamede Resort.

What really drew Ben to Viamede was the location. Nestled amid 165 acres of pristine forest in the Kawarthas, Viamede sits on 2000 feet of prime Stoney Lake waterfront. All three restaurants, most rooms, and all cottages overlook the grounds and lake. The natural beauty of the area is undisturbed, with enough space for guests to play. All of this is within 2 hours of Toronto, and less than 90 minutes from Oshawa.

In December 2010, Ben took over management of Viamede. His first projects were hiring a top tier management team and improving service, alongside increasing maintenance and renewal budgets. The first year was one of learning, but also one of incredible growth. Efficient systems were implemented to make every department more guest-focused, and renovations were started.

Tidbits of History
Viamede is famous for its historic buildings. The origins of the main resort are murky, but based on a survey and development plan from 1873, the "Viamede Hotel" existed in some form at the time. The Mount Julian property is better known historically having been built in the 10 year span from 1865 to 1875. Buildings have been added and demolished over the years, but luckily, the oldest two buildings, currently the manager's residence and the Inn at Mount Julian, still remain.

There are also more recent historic finds, such as the Victory Loan Flag, found in a box in the basement of the Inn at Mount Julian. These flags were used during the Second World War to raise money for the war effort. If a region reached its target of Victory Bond sales, it was awarded a flag. There are more details on Victory Loan Flags at the Front Desk of the resort if you would like to learn more.

Until last year, the only safe in operation at Viamede was one constructed in 1920. Every former staff member seems to remember both the combination and the odd tricks needed to get it open. "You have to turn it to 32, then jiggle the dial a bit until you hear a click, and then carry on in the same direction to 45." (For would-be thieves, this safe was also on wheels for easier movement.)

The original registration books also shine a light on travel at the turn of the century. Guests would stay for a few weeks at a time, and often, year after year. Most guests would travel from the northern US, although some Toronto travellers would make the stop. Guests would travel by steamer along the Trent Severn from Lake Ontario, or take a coach to Lakefield. As road networks expanded and trucks grew more powerful, the waterway became more recreational.

Viamede and The Trent Severn Waterway
Today, the Trent Severn is one of the most popular boating routes, linking Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario. Dotted along the route are marinas, resorts, and parks, making the region one of the most interesting boating routes in the world. Viamede is well known as a popular destination along the way and boaters come from as far away as Florida or as close as across the lake.

During the summer months, the waterfront is abuzz with boaters sharing food and stories, troubleshooting their boats or navigation, or just relaxing for the day. Boaters at Viamede relish the same fantastic views and amazing food that our overnight guests enjoy. Quite often, those who need a rest from boat travel will take advantage of a guest room and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Viamede's onsite activities are available to boaters as well, giving them a chance to explore the bays of Stoney Lake or the 6km of hiking trails if they wish to come ashore for a while. As the sun sets, many will head to The Boathouse, directly on the water, for dinner. The Boathouse features great food, including incredible salads, homemade burgers and the best chicken wings.

Other boaters choose to have dinner at the Inn at Mount Julian, Viamede's fine dining restaurant. The Inn features a 7-course tasting menu and seasonal dishes and items foraged directly on site, many of these can be found by guests when they return home.

All things Culinary
A main focus of the resort is our culinary program. Viamede's 3 restaurants offer a menu diversity that few resorts can match - a lakefront pub with homemade casual dining classics, an ever-changing variety of tantalizing entrees in the Dining Room, and the Inn at Mount Julian, Viamede's fine dining restaurant, featuring a cellar selection of 100 different wines and a 7-course gourmet tasting menu, all complemented by a burgeoning farm-to-table program.

With our close proximity to Peterborough we regularly welcome visitors who come solely to experience great dining and special events at our restaurants. Viamede's Executive Chef lets nature inspire much of his cooking, allowing the seasons to dictate the vegetables with much of our produce being grown locally. Some items even come from as close by as the Viamede Farm.

In 2011, the Viamede farm launched with Tamworth pigs (a heritage breed), Indian Runner and Muscovy ducks, and a solitary turkey. Since then the farm has continued to grow to include more turkeys and ducks, and a small vegetable garden. The farm and gardens are used to work towards sustainability but also to educate the staff at Viamede. Many younger cooks have never seen how pigs are raised or do not know how many local plants are not only edible, but also delicious.

Viamede's groundskeeper, Jarrod Craig, takes a keen interest in food, and is one of the driving forces behind the farm and foraging. He can often be found with our Executive Chef, hiking the trails in search of treats. His love and knowledge of native plants is inspiring, and he is slowly working to grow a variety of regional plants.

Onsite Activities
Jarrod is also the main catalyst of the disc golf course which was built in the spring of 2012. As an avid player at the Peterborough course, he has rallied the local clubs around this new course, which is open to players of all skill levels. Guests at Viamede will be able to play alongside the local clubs, all while hiking the trails.

Viamede's 6 km of trails are also evolving. Alongside the golf course, there is more seating, inspired by and built with materials from nature. A fallen tree trunk becomes a bench. A spruce, its branches forming a natural shelter, trimmed into a hideaway when the rain starts.

In the winter, these trails become a great place to spot wildlife. Because wildlife leave tracks, many guests take off from the trails, tracking porcupines, deer, and other creatures to their dens. While some may choose to backtrack, others bring along a compass for an impromptu orienteering course (a snack for when that course goes awry is never a bad idea).

But it doesn't have to be all adventures when at Viamede. Our pool, beach, hot tub, sauna, and lounge chairs are all well suited to a more relaxing pace. Many guests take full advantage of poolside smoothies and virgin daiquiris, content to let others do the hard work of playing volleyball or canoeing.

Our range of activities are also very popular with conference groups, who often schedule free time to take advantage of the location. Teambuilding activities are becoming more popular, as leaders come to better understand the need for working together.

Groups and Weddings
Meeting planners are often impressed by our expertise in hosting group events. Our management team has put great effort into bringing Viamede’s conference services into the 21st century. Day-lit, modern meeting rooms, top notch food and service and the perfect location complement our meeting amenities. It's simple, really. We listen carefully to what our client needs, and then make sure we offer that.

Our conference rooms, the Kawartha Room, Hilltop and Board Room, are complemented by 3 restaurants, a non-denominational historic chapel perfect for speaking guests and presentations, and spacious outdoor and indoor areas for breakouts.

Even here, our food shines. Our Executive Chef often works directly with meeting planners to ensure that their special dinner comes out perfectly and our service team has the flexibility to adjust to changing schedules. The Inn at Mount Julian is a popular option for planners looking for a very special meal. For individual dinners, we offer a 7-course tasting menu, created daily by our chef. This historic location has been used for cocktail receptions, lunch wine tastings, and even a 13 course menu.

After dinner, The Boathouse is a great venue for guests to relax and unwind. The best bosses will have an open bar, but a close second is starting the meeting later in the morning. Aside from drinks, the Boathouse Plank is a popular option to keep the late eaters from going hungry.

Adding a bit of excitement to a day of meetings will never go amiss. An increasingly popular option is a picnic lunch served on an island. Guests can choose between a pontoon boat shuttle and canoeing to lunch. Most guests opt for the canoe paddle to lunch, and more often than not, we return with a canoe or two towed behind the pontoon boat.

Some conferences choose to have a BBQ on a cottage patio, which is a great way to welcome a small group with an informal event. Viamede can provide everything, including cooks, the food, and the dishes, or the group can bring it themselves.

Weddings often take advantage of the grilling option for their rehearsal dinner. The wedding day is often formal, and having a casual BBQ can be a great way to start the weekend off right. Others opt for a fun pub night, which leaves less of a mess and the bartenders stay more sober.

Our Wedding and Events staff work with each couple to truly customise their wedding. We rarely sell pre-arranged wedding packages, since we firmly believe that each wedding should be different. Our ceremonies can happen in a traditional historic chapel or a waterfront courtyard, and we certainly welcome fun ideas. One couple set the wedding courtyard with hay bales instead of chairs, and another bride paddled a canoe to the ceremony.

Even for the reception, we encourage creativity. Our Executive Chef will often sit down with the bride and groom to discuss options, often creating the menu from scratch to suit their needs. Midnight buffets are often the time to have the most fun, with grilled cheese buffets, sliders, or poutine bars.

Our signature canoe bar consists of filling a full size canoe with ice and beer, on a patio overlooking the water, which is a popular choice for wedding couples. We can also offer a build-your-own caesar bar, which includes delights such as 7 different hot sauces, a variety of liquor, and bacon stir sticks. Ultimately, the only limiting factor is your creativity.

Art at Viamede
At Viamede, nature can seem limitless. But too often, coming indoors can end that. The fresh breeze, the chirping of the birds, the sound of the waves lapping up on the rocks, and the smell of freshly cut grass all disappear once the door closes.

That's where art takes over. With an ever-changing selection of local paintings and prints, we have invited Nature inside. Paintings of the rivers and forests around us, historic photographs of the resort and wildlife, and stone sculptures by local artists line the walls.

Above the Front Desk hangs a birch bark painting by local artist Ralph Ingleton. These famous drawings use the natural scarring and lines to represent the boulders and lakes of the Kawarthas, and this one was donated by the Kawartha Land Trust as a gift of gratitude for Viamede’s fundraising efforts.

Renovations and Upgrades at Viamede
As an old and historic Kawartha resort that has hosted countless guests for well over a century, you might assume that Viamede, our Grand Old Lady, would require lots of cosmetic work, and even a few major facelifts along the way, to keep her looking beautiful for generations to come. As caretakers of this Kawartha landmark resort, we take great pride in maintaining and preserving the historic aspects of the property, while striving to add all the modern amenities that you would expect to find at one of Ontario's Finest Hotels, Inns and Spas.

Over the past couple of years, Viamede has had a remarkable transformation. Our Kawartha resort has undergone a series of major renovations and upgrades in our quest to make Viamede one of the finest resorts in Ontario. Some of the improvements recently completed include new quality furnishings and tasteful décor, extensive renovations to our guest rooms and cottages, and renovations and improvements to the buildings, recreational facilities, dining rooms, marina and landscaping. We have also embarked on a rigorous training program for our staff, so that our valued guests always receive the outstanding service that deserve.

A century-old traditional Ontario resort hotel, Viamede Resort, and adjoining Mount Julian Resort, have been Stoney Lake landmarks since 1885. Steeped in history, Viamede sits on 165 acres of choice Kawartha Lakes wilderness. With extensive lawns and gardens, 6 kilometres of private nature trails for walking and hiking, a working farm and petting zoo, and 2,000 feet of spectacular Stoney Lake shoreline, Viamede Resort is truly a one of a kind Ontario lakefront resort and the jewel of the Kawarthas.

Viamede Resort sets its self apart from other Ontario resorts in so many ways. One of the ways we are different is our progressive pet policy. We welcome well-behaved pets on vacation with their owners with open arms. Viamede is perhaps the most pet-friendly resort in Ontario, if not Canada. All resort cottages are pet friendly, with no extra fees charged for guests who wish to enjoy a week or weekend at a lakeside cottage on Stoney Lake accompanied by their four-legged best friend. We are happy to provide items like dog beds, treats, doggy bags, leashes, and food dishes, with a little advance notice. As well, we offer facilities especially for dogs, like an onsite off-leash dog park and six-kilometres of designated off-leash trails, so every member of the family can have a fun on vacation.

One of Ontario's Finest Hotels, Inns and Spas, Viamede Resort is a full-service hotel and conference centre with over 45 guest rooms, suites and cottages on Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas. This full-service landmark resort also boasts three restaurants, including 1885, Viamede Resort's principal dining room located in the main lodge building with a panoramic view of Stoney Lake, The Boathouse - Stoney Lake's oldest pub and a causal place to grab a bite, and The Inn at Mount Julian - Viamede's historic restaurant that features the finest gourmet cuisine.

Whether you're in search of a couples romantic getaway, a family resort vacation or an Ontario weekend escape with lots of adventure, Viamede has a vacation package to suit your needs. Consider our Kawartha Lakes resort for your next group event, resort wedding, business meeting or conference. We are proud of Viamede's tradition of providing for our guests a quality resort vacation experience, with warm friendly service and attention to detail that ensures complete satisfaction. We hope to see you soon at Viamede Resort - the Grand Lady of the Kawarthas.

Stoney Lake on the Trent Severn Waterway is one of the most scenic areas in Canada and a popular lake for boating. Naturally, the best way to fully explore beautiful Stoney Lake is by boat. Along its 2,000 feet of Stoney Lake shore line, Viamede Resort operates its own onsite marina. With newly refurbished docks for seasonal, short-term and transient docking, Viamede is a popular stop for boaters on Stoney Lake and for cruisers traveling the Trent Canal System who drop-in for a delicious meal or for an overnight dockage before continuing their travels. For Viamede guests, the marina has canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and stand up paddleboards available that they can use for free. As well, boat rentals for the 1/2 day, day or weekly boat rentals can be arranged.